Jumaat, 11 September 2009


: Form 2 (Intermediate)
TOPIC: Writing
THEME: Social Issue
TIME: 1 hour (2 periods)
LANGUAGE CONTENT: Sequence of event.
AIMS: By the end of the lesson students should be able to practice their writing skills by using the information from the website and present the information in an essay using the sequence of event.

1.One computer per group of 3 to 4 students.
2.Internet Connection.
3.Web Browser.

1.Locate sites offering videos about heart origami.
2.Watch the video to see if it suitable for the lesson and for the students.
3.Prepare worksheet based on the information from the video.

1. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9q_o1IK5mJs&feature=related

Set Induction: (5 minutes)
1.Teacher introduces the topic for today.
2.Teacher recaps the previous lesson about sequence of event.

Task 1: (15 minutes)
1.Teacher asks the students to form a group of 3 to 4 per computer.
2.Teacher gave a sample of heart origami for every student with their own name written on it.
3.Teacher asks the students to respond regarding the heart origami.
4.Teacher explains to the students that they are going to learn about the art of origami.
5.Teacher explains what origami is all about and tells the students that they will learn how to make a heart origami in today class.
6.Teacher gives every student a piece of colorful paper so students can make their own origami too.
7.Teacher instructs students to open the following website. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9q_o1IK5mJs&feature=related
8.Teacher allocates 10 minutes for students to watch the video and also make their own heart origami.

Task 2: (10 minutes)
1.Teacher guide the students and help them if they having difficulties in following the video.
2.Teacher distributes worksheet to students and asks them to complete the worksheet by writing the sequence of every step from number 1 to 11.
3.Teacher allows student to watch the video back if the students were lost.

Task 3: (25 minutes)
1.Teacher distributes the second worksheet and asks the students to write a paragraph explaining the step in making the heart origami following the step that they have sequence using the sequence of event.
2.Teacher discusses the answer with the students.

Conclusion: (5 minutes)
1.Teacher recap today’s lesson.
2.Teacher inculcates moral values, e.g. everything can be learnt if we want to and the internet can be a useful tool.

Follow up activity:
1.Teacher asks the students to make a group of 4 to 5 students.
2.Teacher asks them to come out with a video showing them making something: example making chocolate chip biscuit, pineapple juice, bookmark and etc.
3.Teacher reminds the students that if they lost for ideas they can always browse through the internet to find information and ideas.
4.Teacher encourages students to ask for their parents' help in the recording part.
5.They also need to come up with an essay describing the process of making it and it must include the sequence of event (like what they did in class).
6.They will be given 3 weeks to do it and their video will be show to the class.

Worksheet 1

Worksheet 2

p/s:Dr. I also send the worksheet to your email because i dont think you can see it clearly from my blog.

10 ulasan:

  1. Ok. Yes,when using origami for describing sequence it has to be guided unless your students are advanced.

  2. another way to teach sequence connecter...very interesting..=)

  3. comelnye worksheets. it would be a hit with both female and male students. i think it is great because it is tangible and it can be practiced everywhere. Interesting way of teaching sequence connector and origami. definitely a good choice of the "heart" origami.

  4. unique and interesting LP!students will be attracted in trying the origami as this would test their skills and motivation

  5. interesting.. students will love it..however, i think the part that the students make their own origami will take longer time..

  6. cutie LP!seems like teacher is in the mood for love.hehehe
    perhaps,it is more applicable on advanced students as following and giving instructions in english might be quite challenging for some.
    btw,i love the LP and would always be in the class of love...yippie!

  7. Origami...a good way to teach sequence connectors..better for advanced level students... goodie good mary..

  8. yes very interesting..yet, for people with no creativity and a bit "lembap" in this origami things, the teacher should have a lot of patience n slow down the teaching pace to make them understand it...=)